God’s Spirit And Life

John 6:63 “The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”

Only God can give the God-kind of life: the absolute fullness of life; a life that is eternal, full of vigor, blessed and possesses the quality to overcome. So when the Holy Spirit lives in you, you can tap into the power that Jesus relied on when He lived as man on the earth. That means you have the ability through Christ, to have a life that reflects God on the earth: overcoming trials and challenges, getting wisdom when you need it, making a difference in the lives of others. How? When we speak His words. His Words are vessels or carriers of life because they are spiritual. They have a force. They have the power to change the situations you face. Like when Jesus faced the storm and said “be still!” And it did. When He faced the sick and said “be healed!” And that’s what happened. The same voice and power when God created the world, He said “let there be…”. And it was so. 

When you face a challenge, don’t look for a way to solve it on your own. Tap into His power. The results will be better. 

When you read the Bible, or this daily devotionals, don’t just read them like a book. They are words that can bring change to you. Ask Him for your eyes to be opened so you will see with His perspective. Let His words bring life to you every single day.

“Thank You Abba for life-giving words that I can speak and use into the different situations that I face. You have not made me helpless. Your Holy Spirit lives in me and reveals to me all truth. Let my vision be clear to see what I need to see and my hearing sharp to hear Your voice distinctly. I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.”


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