Transitions happen in our lives. Sometimes we feel not ready to leave, not prepared to do new things, or sometimes we feel we are not yet finished. But circumstances happen, whether manipulated or beyond our control, and in transitions, the best is for us to confidently move and quickly hold on to these truths;

1. That God is a good God who has good plans for us.

2. He loves us.

3. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us

4. His delight is to see us increase and prosper.
Look at the situation by which Abraham moved to a place unfamiliar to him. Or how Joseph, who due to envy by his own brothers was forcefully sold. Take Esther who due to circumstances was unpreparedly moved to the King’s harem, and Ruth, who despite a bleak promise of future readily followed Naomi. As it turned out, the good God who loves them positioned them for their destiny…




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