Live A Life

Even while as a shepherd, David was anointed as Israel’s next king. Although the prophet Samuel and his family didn’t quickly consider him to be Israel’s future king. 

He killed a lion and a bear. He took Goliath down. He is a talented harp player, a brave warrior, a man of war. He won numerous battles. A man of wisdom and has a good judgment. People loved him. He is surrounded by wonderful team of brave warriors too. He had a faithful and loyal friend, Jonathan. 
He was celebrated…but hated by Saul. Like us, he messed up. He made wrong choices. He fell numerous times… He schemed and plotted of Uriah’s death and had adulterous relationship with Bathsheba. He did several decisions without consulting God. 
He lived a life… At the end of 2 Samuel, David was shown building an altar doing a burnt and peace offerings…and God answered him…
JESUS…Jesus is our burnt and peace offering. 
As we live our lives, in the midst of our successes, our celebrations, our triumphs, our pains, our challenges…in whatever, know who He is who made it all possible that an eternal life is ours to enjoy… It begins here as we bravely live our lives on earth…


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