When Jesus asked Peter who he thinks Jesus is, Peter answered, “you are the CHRIST the SON OF THE LIVING GOD”, to which Jesus told Peter that on that revelation of who He is, He will build His church that no gates of hell shall prevail against. 
The church’s mandate is to Go and preach the Gospel. However, the enemy is trying to lock us in, intimidate us, constrict us, stop us from doing so. But then the Word clearly says “No gates of hell shall prevail against the church that Jesus is building. 
In this scenario, I imagine that it is us, who are in CHRIST, that is in the attacking mode! We are in the offensive, the gates of hell is the one in defensive mode. As we take an offensive stance against the enemy, Ephesians says that we have the armor of God with all parts meant for our protection except for one weapon which is the the WORD! So, whatever gate of hell is trying to stop us right now…lack, financial challenges, broken relationships, fear, health issues…whatever, the Word, our revelation of who Jesus is and who we are in Him is our weapon that makes us INVINCIBLE! 


2 thoughts on “Invincible

  1. I am not religious and I don’t believe that there is an entity who influences out lives. I think that it depends on us to take the right decisions to solve the situations we found ourselves in.


    1. I cannot say something about what you believed in. We have our own beliefs anyway. As for me, I’ve seen good things that Jesus has done for me – from the Cross 2,000 years ago until today and I will never be ashamed of telling anyone of my belief. I respect your thinking but just the same this is my belief and Jesus is my Lord and Savior.


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