I Am Thirsty

John 19:28 “Jesus knew that His mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture He said,’I am thirsty.'”

Jesus said, I thirst. He was fully God but He was also fully man. He was God wrapped in flesh, glory wrapped in frailty, eternity wrapped in time. He experienced life on earth as a human being to experience the struggles we go through, and also to show us what it’s like for man to live fully dependent on God.

And so now, it says that He knew His mission was finished. After He was mocked and scourged, after He walked carrying the cross the distance of 6 football fields on His whipped bleeding back, after He was betrayed and rejected, after a crown of thorns was placed on His head and nails on His hands and feet, after He suffered being treated like a criminal, after all of this, He said “I thirst” to fulfill scripture. Why? Everything He suffered He did for you! He was saying “I am thirsty” because He wanted to satisfy every thirst of your life! He had to suffer, standing in your place, knowing what it’s like to feel a need and it getting denied (because He was offered vinegar to drink); He stood in your place suffering all kinds of pain, physical, emotional, psychological, so that when you cry in your pain, He can represent you before the Father and say, “Abba, I stand in behalf of ____, I know what he’s going through, I suffered that pain and I overcame. Now, he has the power to overcome because I am in Him.” He suffered… and He overcame FOR YOU!

“What a relief to know that You understand the struggles I go through, that You suffered for me and overcame so that I can overcome! In You is where my hope lies. You will not leave me where I am, but You have given me the power to get through and by Your grace, the power to live a changed life. Thank You Jesus for all You have done for me. Thank You Abba, for making the way for me. My hope and faith is in You, my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, amen!”


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