On Seasons and Transitions (Part 2)

Seasons are meant to be enjoyed… we adjust to it, we flow… we transition…We gear ourselves up, we wear the right clothes, we do the right activities. We can’t do some activities on spring that can only be enjoyed during winter. If we insist, either we get hurt, frustrated or we resent. There are clothes that are meant to be worn on summer and very unwise if you wear them in winter. We don’t compete with season…
We embrace seasons… We get ourselves ready and prepare to wisely transition.
This is true in our lives…we go through seasons. The book of Ecclesiastes clearly narrated this. There is a time for everything…
There are seasons where we need to be more patient and persevering, we keep silent, or we allow tears to flow…On some occasions we hold on and on other times we let go…Often, however, we wear the garment of praise, we walk in faith and steadily hope on the Lord. Oh there are occasions when we become the violent who takes the enemy by force! While there are times we are quiet as a lamb, and as needed we become as bold as lion. 
There are things that we get to do in one season, that on some seasons, we get to set aside because God has new things for us to focus on. We don’t insist otherwise we become unfruitful…
In whatever season we are in, discernment and wisdom are crucial in order to gracefully transition.  
However, the enemy seems to be present in all of seasons. He comes as an accuser, a discourager, stealer, destroyer and sometimes a killer… So a basic wear garment is to be worn… The book of Ephesians beautifully described the armor that we should wear to combat the enemy who seems to be present in all our seasons. We were given both defensive and offensive armors.


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