Love Costs

I wanna share this word from our beloved Pastor Josef Zabarte at Words Of Life Christian Ministries:

It cost God everything to love Man. Because of his great love, he sent his Son to redeem us from our sin. And that cost him dearly. In his book Don’t Waste Your Sorrows, Paul Billheimer put it eloquently, “There is no love without self-giving. There is no self-giving without pain. Therefore, there is no love without suffering. Suffering is an essential ingredient of agape love and therefore of a moral universe. Even God cannot love without cost. If you think that the infinitely happy God cannot suffer, think what it must have cost him to give his Son to die as a sinner and a sin offering on the cross. Think what it must have cost him to turn his face away from his innocent Son and forsake him who did no sin but who, for our sakes, became sin. Think also what it must have cost him to see the Son of his love descend into hell and be delivered to the torments of satan and the demons for their pleasure. 

And think what it must have cost him to pour our upon him– on the cross and in hell– the full fury of his own wealth against sin because of the guilt of the cumulative sin of all mankind.” We are called to love. And it will hurt. And in that pain, we are still called to pursue the way of love… relentlessly, fiercely, sacrificially. For this is the way of God. He beautifully exemplified this on Calvary. He could have turned back. He could’ve said, “Abba, take me home” even before he walked down Via Dolorosa. At any time he could have quit. But he didn’t. He faced the cross, embraced it, and died. No, it wasn’t the nails that held him there. It was his great love for you and me. And today he commands us, “Love one another as I have loved you.” 

It is only those who are free to love and are in afraid of the pain that truly know the love of God. Hating is for the immature. Hating is easy. Loving requires grace and character. 
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