He Who Overcame The Darkness

You already won. 

Through the power of the Cross I am free. 

From the deepest cries through the bottom of the darkness You overcame. 

Your name is still great. Much greater than all other names. 

You are more than enough. 

You all that You said it will be. 

You are mighty to save. 

You rose from the grave. You overcame my failures. 

You will never change, the bible says who you are. You are faithful and true. 

You are the light in my darkness nights. 

It is Who You are that is greater provider for all my needs. 

Your love outlast the deepest pain. 

Though I walk through the darkest valley, through the strongest storm, through the difficult battles of life may throw at me – You are by my side, You never left. 

My enemies may throw all of his bullets I know You are there preparing a feast for me – where I know I can rest for the battles are Yours to take. 

With you laying death in the grave – I know through the power of the cross I made free today. 

Free – from sickness, lack, poverty, failures, disappointments, rejection, and fear. 

I am free and victorious because He who lives in me is Greater, Bigger, Powerful and He is the living God we serve today. 

Jesus, Hesus, God, Jehovah and all the names that You are. You are forever glorified. You are exalted in all the earth. You are celebrated. We worship You – my Lord, my Savior and my King.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb Who Was, Who Is and Is to come!!




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