You Are Better Than My Yesterdays

Jesus You are better than my yesterdays, You hold me close today. You are the Lord of my tomorrows my heart will always say..

No one, no thing and nothing can separate me from the Love of God. 

His ways maybe higher than mine and as He works mysteriously in my everyday – I will keep my eyes, my trust and set my foot to Him alone. 

I know that He takes care of my tomorrows and when you have that revelation nothing can stop you from praising Jesus. For what He has done all these years for you. 

God is God. I can never be ashame of Him because I know He boasts for my love for Him. He carries me in His palm and He knows my name and called me from the foundation of this world. 

He is in control. God is in the business of making things right for me. He turns things around for me and for my own good. How can I not stop praising Him for all the good things He has done. 

Lord, You are worthy of our praise forever! 


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