Jesus The Healer

Psalm 147:3 “He is the healer of the broken-hearted. He is the One Who bandages their wounds.”

One of the works of Jesus is to heal, not just administer physical healing, but emotional wounds too. A heart that is broken, is one that has been shattered and crushed. Doctors say that an emotionally broken heart actually goes through a physical breaking. Jesus thought it was important enough because a heart that has been broken means the soul has been wounded; and unlike physical wounds, soulish wounds can remain unhealed for decades, sometimes they never get healed unless those wounds are brought before Him. Then He can heal and bandage them. Wounds that are bandaged are cleansed and compressed and wrapped. He washes them in His Blood because His blood purifies. He wraps the broken heart with His love because His love brings healing. And like a laser light closes a wound, His resurrection power completes the healing process.
Many people walk around with broken hearts and it affects the way they look at others, at themselves, and the situations they face. Unless the Lord heals the broken hearts, they walk with rejection, low self esteem, and blurred or skewed perspectives in life. And hurt people hurt other people. Bring your hurts before Him and let Him heal all your wounds so that you can be free and also be a source of healing for others. 

“Jesus, You are anointed to heal my broken heart, from any hurt or offense I’ve suffered. I plead the Blood upon the wounds in my soul to cleanse me. I forgive those who have hurt me so that those wounds will not fester. Let the power of the resurrection bring complete healing to my soul, just as that power was strong enough to raise Jesus from hell and death, that power can set me free. I thank You for Your love that makes me whole. I am free in Jesus, my Savior and Lord, amen.”


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