In The Beginning…

John 1:1,2 “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God.”

“In the beginning”… because man lives in time and cannot understand what it is to be outside of time, the phrase “in the beginning” had to be used. What it actually means is – before time even began. So when time began, the Word already existed. Before Jesus became man, He was called “The Word”. The Word was with The Father God and The Holy Spirit. He is the voice of God. Every time The Father spoke, it was Jesus that was expressed. And because He existed also with The Holy Spirit, every time The Father spoke, it was power that was released. 
Why is this important for us to know? 
Because the Bible is God’s Word, when we read it, these are not just words from an ordinary book. The Word has the power to change you and any situation you are in when your eyes are opened to see that it is God Himself being expressed. When we speak His Word, through our mouths, we release God’s power to shape and form our world, that’s why we have to be careful of the words we speak. When we speak God’s Word, we allow ourselves to be used as His extension in the earth to enforce His will to be made manifest in the world and to affect the lives of those around us positively. 
“Thank You Abba that when You gave us Your Word, You gave us the power to have dominion in this world. Your Word didn’t leave us helpless. Your Word revealed to us what Your will is, and Your will is for us to have lives manifesting Your love, Your kindness, and Your goodness. And as I study Your Word, I ask that You reveal the realities of who I am in You and Who You are in me so that my life reflects Your glory always. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

(Part 1 of a series)


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