A Life Brought Life To Everyone


John 1:3,4 “God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him. The Word gave life to everything that was created, and His life brought light to everyone.”

In the Book of Genesis, God spoke all of creation into existence. Everything that was created came from the mouth of God. He said “Let there be…” Those words carried tremendous power. Every Word that came out of His mouth was The Word. If you could imagine what it was like, every time The Word left The Father’s mouth, they were bursts of light and energy and out of it formed whatever it was He spoke; so it was the Word that brought life to those words. And because God is light, the glory of God was reflected in all of creation.
When we speak God’s Word, we release God’s life and His creative power into the circumstances we direct them towards. And when we believe the words that we speak are carriers of God’s life and glory, those words also carry the same power to transform, to release the light into the darkness, to bring healing and restoration, so that the glory of God will be seen throughout the earth.
“Abba, I want to be Your vessel on the earth, Your mouthpiece, to release Your light and glory for all the world to see how awesome and majestic and powerful You are. But more than that, I want my life to be transformed by Your glory more and more each day. Let Your light swallow up any darkness until all that is seen is Your image reflected through me. In Jesus’ most precious Name I pray, amen.”
(Part 2 of a series)




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