The Great Unknown

Lord, whenever and wherever my feet may fail, I ask for Your guidance to lead me where You want me to go. Send me to the great unknown where I can proclaim Your goodness and let my testimonies be the living testimonies of how good and great You are. 

Holy spirit have Your way in me. Guide me, protect me, lead me, and send me. 

When I am confronted with uncertainties, let Your comfort be my comfort. Let Your Spirit bring into my remembrance how You have confronted things when You were walking on the earth. 

Abba, let Your will be done on me and on earth. Let Your blessings, favors and everything in it chase me, shadows me, and overtakes me all the days of my life. 

In You alone, I find my shelter, my refuge, my strength and my rest. My hope is in Your name. 

In every mountain, I will climb because You are with me. You are for me. 

In every valley I pass through, my hope is in You. 

Whatever life throws at me, I will not bow down to it, I will not waver because You are my fortress, Whom I can trust and rely on and lean on. 

In Your presence Lord. I will follow. I will bow down. In reverence. Take my deeper than my feet could ever wander. Make my faith stronger that it has never been before. 

Send me to the great unknown. 


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