The Snare Of The Fowler

PSALM 91:3“Surely He Shall deliver you from the SNARE OF THE FOWLER and from perilous pestilence” 
The bible depicts the devil as a fowler. A FOWLER is a professional bird catcher. He lays traps and carefully conceals them so that he can ambush unsuspecting birds.The Bible also depicts the devil as a thief and murderer who comes to steal,kill and destroy(John 10:10)
There is a very real and active FOWLER that is setting up snares on earth today!… mines are snares,shootings,viral outbreaks too.
What is happening in Marawi and recently in Resorts World are a snare led by a professional FOWLER!!
But there is someone who is MORE active,alive and powerful-YAHWEH,our God,who saves! He had promised to deliver us from the SNARE of the FOWLER and from PERILOUS PESTILENCES (dangerous diseases and viruses). So He sent YESHUA,to battle the fowler at the cross.He triumphed! RECEIVE His protection and His deliverance from the fowler.
Also,believe,that you will ALWAYS be in God-ordained happenings-QARAH MOMENTS.
QARAH is first mentioned in Gen.24:12…the servant prayed..,”O Lord God of my master Abram,PLEASE GIVE ME SUCCESS TODAY and show…….”. The phrase “please give me success” is the word QARAH .The servant asked God to give him QARAH —RIGHT HAPPENING! SUCCESS and he did.

Another QARAH appears in the book of Ruth.
When we are dependent on the great “I AM”,we are protected from the fowler and we will have QARAH MOMENTS (ALWAYS AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE….)
Our prayer for today:

“Our Father,lead us to QARAH today. We receive GOOD SUCCESS today because of the blood of Jesus.Thank you that you have delivered us from the fowler and Jesus’ blood continues to protect us from the snares and the pestilences of the fowler!”


Photo courtesy of: lifted from this article


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