I Received By Direct Revelation From Jesus!

Galatians 1:12 “I received my message from no human source, and no one taught me. Instead, I received by direct revelation from Jesus Christ.”

This was said by the apostle Paul, the One who had written majority of the New Testament. From someone who had been going around ordering the killing of christians to becoming the one who transformed the lives of millions the world over. This shows how transformed a human life can be when God enters the picture. This is how powerful God’s Word spoken to a life can totally turn a person’s life around no matter how wicked a person can be. And this is also to show how clearly a person can hear from God, like he is talking to another person in front of him. Hearing God’s voice is as natural as breathing to a believer. We would be so lost without it. But it is vital to our lives to become familiar with His written word so when we hear a voice, we can know if what we hear comes from God’s Spirit. As you read His Word, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, to open your eyes and ears, to breathe His breath on it so the words come alive to you and transform you and any situation you face.

“You are so good Abba, that You gave us Your Holy Spirit Who makes known Your will and Your ways to us, Who changes us from glory to glory, Who shows us the way we should go. Because He lives in us, we are never alone, He breathes life to our bodies, and He is the guarantee that one day we will see You face to face. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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