God, My Solid Rock. 

Psalm 18:18 “For Who is God except the Lord? Who but our God is a solid rock?”

There are many who claim to be God, but no one has ever done, nor could ever do, what our God has done. People have to do things for all the other gods, it is only our God that does not need to be saved; He is the One Who saves! He is the Almighty One! He is the One Who parted the Red Sea so His people could cross safely. He is the One Who closed the door of the ark and kept Noah and his family and all the animals with him safe, while the rest of the world drowned. He is the ONLY God Who can claim that He came down from heaven, sacrificed Himself to save His people from death, damnation, and to break every curse from their lives! And He is the ONLY God Who can claim He rose from the grave, He overcame hell and death, making a fool of every demon, so that His people could live overcoming lives that can astound anyone with His strength and power and love! 

“Abba, what joy fills my heart to know that You have chosen me to be Yours! You are the ONLY One True God, full of wisdom and power and great love, and You chose me to be Your child! Who else can keep me safe, make me strong, turn my life around and reflect the glory of heaven… No One else except You! Thank You for Your great love and compassion You have shown through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, amen!”


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