God is a God of Peace

Psalm 37:37 “Mark the blameless man and observe the upright, for the future of that man is peace.”

Only those who stand in the righteousness of Christ can claim to be blameless and upright, not because they haven’t done anything wrong, but because their hearts are trusting in what Jesus has accomplished for them on the Cross. And the righteous ones are the ones who can look forward to peace. They may be be facing tough trials and challenges, but their focus is that Jesus is their Peace. 

When you realize that you are in a covenant relationship with The One Who made the sea calm in the middle of a storm, The One Who defeated hell and death, The One Who established boundaries between the earth and sky, and land and sea, you can also know that your situation will not stay the same. You can look forward to soundness in your mind and body, wholeness in your soul, prosperity in your finances, restoration in your relationships, and contentment in your life. Those are some of the things His Blood bought for you. Peace is your Blood-bought right in Christ Jesus.

“Abba, thank You for all that You have done for me through Your Son. I stand in the victory He has won for me on the Cross. I am washed in His Blood. Jesus Christ is my Prince of Peace. Amen.”


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