Tell The Devil Not Today!!

When Jesus conquered and defied death at the Cross, two thousand years ago, He rendered the devil powerless. When He rose from the grave, the devil has no power over us. He might like have power but he is defenseless because the moment Christ ascended into the Heaven, His power lives in us. We became One with Him. The same power that raise Christ from the dead lives in us. 

The devil may look like he has this some kind of power – that’s a lie that he projects to us today. What gives him the power to rule us, to overtake us was when we give the enemy the authority to rule us, to believe in his lies and when we give the enemy the portal for him to control us BUT when we believe that Jesus is alive and His words are true then it leaves us powerful that whatever attacks of the enemy it is useless anymore because we are made a victor, a conqueror. Whenever we have the revelation of who Christ is, then we became unstoppable. 

Always remember that whatever is pure and whatever is good come from God, the rest is from the schemes of the enemy like sickness, poverty, debt and many lies. The next time we encounter these lies we can look at the Cross and remind the enemy that he is already a defeated foe. He is already under out footstool. He is beneath us because Christ has won the victory for us many years ago. 

Whatever it is that you are going through be it in lack, sickness and so much more just look at the promise that whatever is good is from God and therefore we don’t have to suffer today. Praise your way in, keep pressing on. Praise gives us the rightful authority that we are called the Children of God that whenever we want to, unlike the old testament that only chosen few can enter God’s presence, but today through our praise, our worship we can easily enter His presence and whenever we are in His presence we are protected and wisdom comes in. Wisdom to know the difference, the Spirit of God guides us to make that decision and directs us to the path where He wants us to be. Praise and worship gives us an advantage to enter into His presence. In our praise, we create a defense and increase our territory. An offense is made to the enemy to let him know that he cannot touch us. The more we praise the larger we increase our territory until the enemy has no room to offend us and eventually will leave us alone making us unstoppable. 

When we have the revelation that the enemy is at our feet, a defeated foe, we can tell him that he cannot touch us because God lives in us and we can easily tell him not today. 

The next time you feel something not good, shout it out and tell the enemy “NOT TODAY!!!” Tomorrow, is another day if it comes back, tell the enemy again “NOT TODAY!!!” We have authority over the enemy. Let’s exercise our authority and our faith. 

Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. God is faithful!!

The devil is a liar but God cannot lie. He is forever faithful. 


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