Receive Your Breakthrough Today!

“The LORD has broken through my enemies before me like a breaking flood.” 2 Samuel 5:20 ESV

When Jesus rose from the dead, He broke everything that the enemy has placed in each one of us. He was broken so that breakthrough is upon us today, tomorrow and forever. 

The word “breakthrough” came from the words break and through. Try figuring out entering into a waterfall where water keeps flowing down then you are entering that continued flow of water. The moment you entered the flowing water you are breaking the force so that you can get through. The other side of it is normally peaceful. 

In the Spirit realm, God wants us to break every yoke, every bondage and break anything that the enemy has keeps hindering us from achieving something that we desire. 

Have you ever wondered why, there are times no matter how hard we try to pray, we fast on and we cry out loud to God and yet there’s no manifestations? It is because, the enemy is trying to put a wall in the spirit realm where our dreams keep bouncing back. We thought that God doesn’t  want us to receive but in reality the enemy is blocking it. 

Whenever we have dreams, goals and desires that have never been received; look at how the enemy is blocking it. Though, it may not be the time yet BUT look at openings you have, openings that you have given the enemy to enter and control us. 

Today, while I was worshipping in the corporate, God has reminded me that ALL HAS BEEN PAID FOR. All has been revealed. Jesus conquered the cross so we may live a life that is victorious. Victories upon victories. That in every way, we pass through every barrier, every obstacle and every blockings that the enemy has placed for us not to reach what we have been desiring for – that we may BREAKTHROUGH in all that we deal with. God has also reminded me today that one thing that lacks in us these days is the power to praise and worship Him in every trial and tribulation. Whatever we go through, praise your way in. Keep pressing on. God will reward you openly. God will give you the blessing that you have been waiting for. For whenever we worship in, we shake the heavens and God will pour out anything that we have been wanting and desiring for. 

Keep continue believing God for everything. #Believe. #Hope. #Expect. #Receive. 

God wants us to triumph in every thing. That whatever we touch it will prosper. We should be like a stream of water overflowing from time to time. Like a sower that keeps sowing for harvest is always greater. 

God’s love will never fail us, will never fade away. Walk in #love. Walk in #peace. 

Shalom – nothing missing, nothing broken. 

God is with you all the time. 

Praise you Jesus. God be glorified. 




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