Lord, Help Me. 

Matthew 15:25 “Then she came and worshiped Him saying, ‘Lord, help me’.”

Many people have this notion that worshipping God means to bow your head to the ground when you’re praying, or maybe singing a worship song with your arms raised to heaven. The thing with God is your actions don’t impress Him if your heart is not in it. Worshipping God isn’t only about what you do, it really is more about the attitude of your heart. The verse says the woman worshipped Him saying, Lord, help me. Worshipping God is acknowledging Him as The One Who ultimately is the Source of your help. After all, He is all-powerful, and all-knowing, isn’t He the best One to ask for help from?

“Abba, You are the One I turn to for help. You are my Wisdom. You are my Strength. You are my Rock. You are my Redeemer. You are my Savior. You are my All in All. Amen.”


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