For With God, Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

When Someone has all power, all authority, and all knowledge, then doesn’t it make sense that all things are possible to Him? The great thing is when I know we’re on the same side, because of Jesus, then all things become possible for me! As long as I stay conscious of the God of the impossible, I stay under continuous anticipation for the supernatural interventions of God and I’m much less likely to be overwhelmed by something I didn’t plan for. If I don’t, I limit Him to my gifts and talents. That’s why I can rest in Him when I know I can trust Him. And I can trust Him because I know that He loves me and that He is good. Is there any situation you’re facing that needs God’s ability to deal with it? Bring it to Him and ask Him to move for you.

“Abba, how wonderful it is to know that I am not limited to my own skills, abilities, possessions or who I know. In the areas where I lack, You fill the gaps all by Your grace. Help me to stay in that rest, through Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord, amen.”


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