No Heaven Locked Up, Let It Open

Our Faith. Our Trust. Our Hope. That’s all in our Great God!

While I am in corporate worship today, I felt in the atmosphere that someone out there needed to hear this prayer today. 

The unction was too strong that I have to let it out while our Pastor is preaching. 

Lord, I pray for open hearts to receive Your message today. Hearts that are incorruptible, hearts that would accept new things, new learnings and correction from you. Lord, I pray for wisdom upon wisdom to all that read this. 

If you think you just ended your season today, God wants you to know that you pray it over. Ask Him. Ask His guidance. Let Holy Spirit to talk to you and make that decision. 

Lord, I pray for a change of heart for someone who is about to commit a suicide. I pray for your revelatory Spirit and show Your might to him that You are far greater than any problems he is experiencing right now. 

Lord, I pray for open heavens and saturate all the people who read this now. Blessings overflowing, provisions flowing in from all corners of this world, miracles upon miracles in your life, I speak life to every aspect and corner of your life. I declare lack to die and let Your light shine, make new things and fill their household with your wonders. Let Your power, blessings, favors overtake them. I call testimonies upon testimonies be upon each one of them. 

I see contracts signed this week, new job opportunities to the seekers, business flourishing and deals being closed in Jesus name. I see wealth coming in this week and I see tremendous amount of harvest for all the things you’ve sown in the past. This week is the start of your harvest – I prophesy it in Jesus name. 

Worship your way in and praise your way out. Thank you Jesus for suddenlies in every aspect and area of our lives. Shalom – nothing missing, nothing broken! In Jesus name. 

We bless your name Jesus. You are a great God and in You alone we can only trust and we can put our Hopes. Have Your way God, have Your way Jesus, have Your way Holy Spirit. 

New fields, new opportunies, favors, provisions, healing and suddenlies are going to burst out this week and it will create a ripple effect that would propel each one of us to a place You want us to be. You are good Jesus. You are good. Have Your way. Let Heaven be opened, I declare open doors and flood gates be opened and fill us in and saturate us with exceedingly overflowing miracles, suddenlies and breakthroughs. 

Thank you Jesus!!


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