I Have A Powerful Testimony…

I have a powerful testimony to share, I know it’s gonna be long but definitely worth a read!
For months, I’ve been hearing noises in my car’s engine but I keep denying the fact that something was wrong until my car broke finally yesterday. I was left astounded by the fact that I am cornered to the end and got no choice but to ask for help. 
I called for help, called Ate Marivic Mgt first since I know she was nearby and help can be readily available. Though, she has previous engagement already. She unselfishly sent her brother to look after me and brought electrician to see what went wrong but to no avail. 
Called my insurance company since my last resort is to have my car towed and bring it home since Service Centers are closed on a Sunday. 
Tow truck came after 2-3 hrs, but while waiting been on the phone crying for help. It was a breeze, truck towed my car and brought it home. The process wasn’t easy but we made it. Thank God for insurance! I didn’t pay a cent!
Today came. As soon as I woke up. I have been on the phone calling the Service Center where I usually bring my car for maintenance. I was desperate. To cut the story short, they cannot accommodate me because of too many appointments set already and I have to finish the holidays this week and had to wait until next week for it to get repaired. I was begging that they give me a spot but was denied of a service. It left me no choice but to wait. 
I said to myself, I cannot wait for 7 days staying at home and wait for the agony of seeing my car just resting there. So I called the guys I know in the industry to help me but only to find out that they are already out of Manila and towing my car from my house to their location won’t be covered anymore by my insurance and thus leaving me paying a fortune. I was then advised to go to the Service Center where I usually have my car for maintenance. Then again, I said, I am left to wait for the entire week. 
Since I am left with nothing and cornered to the end, a thought came when CJ told me about his bible class where a Pastor said that we have to rest in order for God to move in our situation and so I did. 
I prayed and an unction set in to look for another service center. I called in but left with a promise that they cannot do anything to fix my car today and most probably I would be able to get it after the holidays. I told myself that this cannot be and I will push my way through. I then informed the service man that come what may I will need to bring my car to their place today. Called my insurance again and availed my second free tow service. It wasn’t easy but by the grace of God I made it through the hassle of transporting the car. 
When I came to the Service Center. I was informed that if they cannot see any records that I am having my service in there, I will just have to pay in cash. 
Here’s the transcript of my talk to the Service Advisor:
SA: Sir, what happened to your car?
Me: Explaining everything from my observation for months and the day it totally gave up. 
SA: We can put it under Warranty Sir but I need to check your records. We need to see if we are servicing your car all these years. (SA checked their records and my service booklet)
SA: Sir, there’s nothing in your booklet that we serviced your car all these years. 
Me: Yes, because the booklet was lost for over a year and I was able to get it last week only but I have my records in Alabang branch. 
SA: Let me search for your records on that branch. 
SA: Sir, we have a new system so it should be synchronized however, I cannot find that we serviced you this year. It was only 2016 that I can see here in your record. 
Me: The last time I had my PMS was somewhere in May or June. You should have a record. 
SA: Nothing is here, Sir. 2016 was your last record. 
Me: Can you please search for the complete name? Name or Last Name? 
SA: No record, Sir 
Me: How about my address? Try searching for the suffix? Try searching for the middle name. Please try your best. I know I have my record. Alabang branch has it. I have my record. 
SA: Nothing is here really Sir. (he showed his screen)
Me: (since I dont want to pay in cash coz I know it will cost me a fortune, I kept pressing on). Can you please try my conduction sticker? 
SA: No record, Sir. 
Me: (I was so frustrated and desperate) I felt the need to pray. So, I closed my eyes even if they can see me since I was in front of them. As I closed my eyes I uttered “Have Your way, God. I am blessed, I am favored today!” Then, a thought came. Lord you need to come through today or not come through at all. 
Then, when I opened my eyes. I saw the SA smiling and said to me “Sir, it’s okay. We trust that you are having your PMS with us and we trust your words. I’ll put it under warranty still!”
I was left amazed and very thankful. God came through with my impossibilities today. He showed His might and turned things around for my good. I left the Service Center paying nothing. All FREE! My car runs like brand new again!!
Tonight, I came home together with my car. They were able to source the materials that fast to fix it and so they can have my car back and go home with it. 
Folks, God is not a respector of a person. He hears and He answers prayers. 
Our prayer is our weapon whenever we are left with nothing and cornered to the end. 
Your prayers are powerful! Keep praying for what you need or want. He grants our heart’s desires according to His will. 
We serve a true and a living God. 
To God be ALL the glory! 

Thanks CJ Jacinto and Meg Villarosa for you guys never left my side all through this mess. Thanks Kuya Arnold and Ate Marivic for the immediate help and response. Thanks, Ate Edna Pulanco you know that already. God bless you exceedingly and abundantly. 


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