Wherever you go…

Job 29:6 “when my feet were bathed in cream and the rock poured out streams of oil for me! “

Feet implies going somewhere. When you begin to spend more time in the Presence of God, whatever you’re doing: in prayer, going for a walk, doing the grocery, driving your car, cooking dinner, listening to teachings, at work – whatever they may be; you’ll begin to get more sensitive to His Spirit, His leading, and wherever you go, you’ll bring His anointing with you. When you’re aware that you carry His Presence, you start making a difference in those places, and with the people you meet.

Wherever you go, whether you are silent or speaking, His Spirit in you drips the anointing where you set your feet to go to set prisoners free, break bondages, bring healing.

“May I always be aware that I carry Your Presence with me everywhere I go so that I can make a difference with the lives of those I touch, in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.”


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