Righteousness & Justice Are All From The Lord!

Psalm 103:6 “The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.”

It is righteousness for the Lord to execute justice. When people do wrong, when the oppressor takes advantage of the weak, when those in positions of leadership bully those under them, God cannot sit down and just watch those things happen. The scales of justice cannot continue to stay unbalanced. There is a time for justice to be served, for those wrongs to be made right. But we as His people, also have to cry out for justice so that He is the One Who will avenge us. It is not something we take into our own hands. He will be the One to make it right in our behalf. Accuse the Enemy before God and demand for justice and recompense. It is right to know who worked behind the people who did wrong, and it is right to demand justice. He is Elohay Mishpat, the God of Justice!


“Abba, I ask for justice and recompense for all the wrongs that have been done against me. For money that was stolen from me, contracts, relationships, health, promotions and inheritances. And I accuse the enemy, as being the one behind all those people who took advantage of my weakness. You are the God of Justice, let him pay back 7 times what was wrongfully taken from me. In the Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, amen.”


4 thoughts on “Righteousness & Justice Are All From The Lord!

  1. I agree with what you said but Jehovah works on His time and in His way to delivers true justice. I have personally seen it take decades to come to fruition. From my experience Jehovah delivers justice in a small portion and continues to increase it until the seventh time. If the offenders still refuse to repent then Jehovah turns His back on then and all hell breaks lose (please forgive the swearing but it is appropriate because from what I have seen those folks are living in a living Hell).
    Thanks for the name of Jehovah. I have a list of the various names He uses to describe His Holy character and am grateful for this new one.


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