About Us


Our mission is to make Him known because WE ARE KNOWN BY HIM. We do what we do not for us to be recognized but we do what we do because WE ARE RECOGNIZED by Him.

We are Jesus freak.

We believe in the finished work of Jesus.

We believe that the Gospel of the Lord should be proclaimed in all the earth.

We believe that every one should know His works and how He loves us so deep…so passionate to bring us closer and together with Him.

We believe the good news of our Lord Jesus and it should be preached and taught just like in the old days.

We believe in His tremendous Love for us.

We believe He loved us first and He called us at the foundation of the earth.

We believe that He called us by our name.

Most of all, we believe that He called us in this ministry to spread who He is and His instructions.

We believe that He made us blessed to be a channel of blessings to others.

We believe that as provisions come in, we are able to walk the earth, fellowship and save souls.

We praise and worship Jesus like we have never done it before!

We believe that we can bring Heaven on earth by the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit.

All it just to take is believe in Him and through Him we can do all things!

To God be the glory!


Today, 5th of July 2016, our fellow church mate, a dear friend and a co-founder in heart to do missions and bring the Word of God to the world, seek the lost and bring them back to God has entered a new season and we would like to welcome her to our quest to rule the world by sending off missionaries locally and internationally.

Chuck Filamor is a missionary sent by New Life Alabang to many asian nations. Her passion is to spread the sweet Love of God, His words, His teachings and the Gospel internationally. Over the years, she has travelled, Indonesia, Nepal, and now Myanmar traveling not for leisure but to bring heaven on earth!

As she has already touched many hearts and brought the losts back to God surely she will touch more as she joined us today.

Apart from her missions, Chuck Filamor has written several books already and is currently sold in Philippines. Her books covers entirely how good God has been and will be.

We are proud to have her in Missions to Heaven!
Truly, the work of God is simply amazing and how He connects His children is perfection to the core.

We move from glory to glory!

Thank you, Yeshua!

Holy Spirit, have Your way.

Your will be done and shall be established on earth as we bring Heaven on Earth!

Let the name of Jesus become famous in all the earth!